Modifying 3D scans

This was a project where I was part of a team attempting, in front of a live audience, to go from a scan of a audience member to a die for striking a coin with their face in it in 45 minutes. There were 8 seperate steps to go through in the process and 8 team members from throughout the country. I was responsible for cleaning the scan and converting it to a bas relief.

This first set of images shows the scan that I recieved.

As you can see, the scanner didn't pick up the hair and some other data. The images below show the scan imported and filled to make a solid object.

The scan is scaled down to fit on a provided coin back and flattened to create a bas relief.
This last series of images show material added to the missing areas and roughed in. These new areas are combined with the scan, detail is added and existing structures are accentuated. The coin is hidden and the final bas relief was exported as an .iges file for use in creating the die.