3D Scanning

I have both a Laser scanner and a touch probe scanner for scanning 3D objects for incorporation into a CAD project. Once an object is scanned and imported into my CAD software, any imperfections are cleaned up and it can then be scaled, trimmed, cut into sections, sculpted, bent, flattened or modified in any way.

Below is an example of a past project.

This first project involved creating a prototype for a series of small presentation pieces based on is a life sized bas relief sculpted by Clay Enoch. Since the original was over 20 feet long, it was easier for Clay to sculpt a reduced size version with less detail and then scan it.

I imported the scan into CAD and replaced the background with a smooth one, built a new, cleaner banner and while working with Clay, we touched up the figures as well.

The intitial design called for a clear acrylic presentation piece 6" wide and 5" tall. Clay put together a rendering in Photoshop to work from, the sculpture would actually be a negative relief in the back with text, logos and a signature on the front and sides.
With thanks to Clay Enoch who provided the sculpture and several of the photos. You can contact Clay at: www.clayenoch.com