Tips for submitting custom designs

The more information you can submit, the better I can understand your vision for your piece and the closer I can get in my creation of it. You can't send me too much, all is welcome, photos, samples of existing work, sketches on dirty napkins, it all helps. As a minimum, for a ring for example, I'd need to know the ring size and metal desired, but that would leave me guessing about the rest of the design.

Hopefully the following can help you organize and assemble the information needed for you and I to create a beautiful piece. You can send this info to me in however is convienient for you; via email, fax or mail.

What type of piece would you like to create? A ring, earring or pendant for example.

Do you have any measurements? Overall dimensions? Ring size? Wall thicknesses? Target weights?

What metal would you like the piece made in?

What sort of look do you like? Organic, swoopy, puffy, soft, hard, symmetrical, asymmetrical, square edged, feminine, masculine, mechanical, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Southwestern, Bling etc.

Feel free to describe it in any way you think will help communicate the look you're after.

Do you have sketches?

Do you have photos or samples of something similar you like?

Would you like to include stones? What type, size and number?

Do you prefer a particular type of settings? Prong, bezel, pave, gypsy settings for example.

Will this be part of a set or line? For example, a pair of matching earrings and pendant.

Is this going to be a single item or is it a production piece and are there going to be multiple copies?

If it is a production piece, are molds going to be made and do we have to account for shrinkage?