For custom projects, I will submit a quote to you for what I believe the project entails. The majority of the cost in producing a custom piece is the time involved, the more time involved, the higher the cost. Therefore it is to both of our advantages for me to have a clear understanding of your design. Check here for tips in submitting a design.

If you call for major revisions in the midst of the design phase or elsewhere in the manufacturing process, I reserve the right to adjust the estimate accordingly. A minor change or two is included in the original estimate.

If the quote is accepted, at that point, I require a 25% deposit. After the CAD design phase is completed and you have approved of the images I have sent. I will ask for another 25%. When the piece is cast and finished and ready to ship, I will ask for the balance of 50% before shipping. If I'm only doing the CAD work and not an actual piece, then it is 50% up front and 50% upon completion.

If you cancel a project, I will refund any deposit not applied to any completed work. For example, if you cancel a project after the CAD design is started but before it is completed and approved, I would keep the initial 25% deposit, but not keep or ask for the second 25%. If I cancel a project for any reason and can't deliver a usable product, I will refund any and all deposits applied to the project.